Dr. Dov J Berkowitz | How is the Condition of Your Heart?

Dr. Dov J Berkowitz | Do you have a bad heart condition? I am not speaking of the organ in your chest which pumps blood throughout your body; I am referring to the spiritual heart. This is the place where our innermost ideas, perceptions, and desires reside in each of us. The spiritual heart actually reflects our true nature and will. This is our secret place where man can never know our true intentions; therefore, it cannot be judged by man, but it will certainly be judged by God.

Dr. Dov J Berkowitz
Dr. Dov J Berkowitz

Is your heart being governed by God or the world? Let’s explore both of these options. Do we truly want Him to come into our hearts and become ruler over our life? Are we genuine and are our intentions good? The only way we can be committed to God is to allow the Word of God to govern our ideas, perceptions, and desires. All aspects of our lives should be based on godly principles. Human nature, the sin within us, is an enemy of God. (Dr. Dov J Berkowitz ) Because of our sinful nature, our human understanding convinces us to trust in our own knowledge and goodness; therefore, misleading us to think that we are capable of orchestrating our own plan for our lives. God states in His Word that there is nothing good about the flesh and can do nothing of itself (Romans 7:18).

The flesh will always lead us to base our intentions and motives on self gratification. Really, our sinful nature is a barrier between us and God. That is the reason we need an advocate, Jesus Christ to approach a holy God. The Spirit of the Lord is the only way the heart can be purified.

A heart that is governed by worldly concepts is wicked. Our society encourages us to get what we can, all that we can, sat on the can, and do not share the can with anyone. The world and our flesh gives us a false sense of security; that with our own careful planning, the end results will always be in our favor.

Should we hold fast to our own ideas, traditions and religious rituals? Should we continue to plot to take revenge on those who despitefully use us? Do we continue to selfishly use people for our own material and monetary gain? (Dr. Dov J Berkowitz) Should we continue to let our human blood ties override the blood sacrifice Jesus Christ gave on the Cross? Do we continue to plan our own lives with worldly motives but expect Godly results? I just wanted to present a few scenarios that we all may have been guilty of at one point in our lives. These are a few things that take place within our hearts that no human may never know about; but God will always no our true intentions. He has stated in His Word that only what we do for Him will last (1 Corinthians 5:10).

Dr. Dov J Berkowitz | So, we need to carefully guard our hearts and make sure that our intentions, ideas, motives, and will is being governed by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. If we detect a bad heart condition, we should pray for healing and cleansing; because the heart will not escape the judgment of Christ.

Published by Dr. Dov Jay Berkowitz

Dr. Dov Jay Berkowitz, MD is a doctor primarily located in Kew Gardens, NY, with other offices in Flushing, NY and Bronx, NY( and 4 other locations).

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