Dr. Dov J Berkowitz | How to Make Your Body Slim In Lockdown

Dr. Dov J Berkowitz | There are many ways to lose weight and many ways to tone up. This article will do its best to show how to make your body slim. How many times have you wished you looked like that front cover model in a fitness magazine? How many times have you wished people looked at you on a night out? How many times have you wished that you lost an extra few pounds on your physique? There’s no need to wonder, you just have to get on and be positive.

Dr. Dov J Berkowitz
Dr. Dov J Berkowitz

Making your body slim is all about mentality to begin; like anything in life you need to remain positive and need to have the drive to succeed. (Dr. Dov J Berkowitz) Without this positive mentality, you will struggle to do well. In fact, being stressed whilst exercising can be even worse. Imagine your overweight and already straining your organs, if you are putting more stress on by a negative attitude and even more stress from exercising, then your body will be overstressed big time. Wanting to know how to make your body slim? Remain positive!

Another way how to make your body slim is by eating nutritious foods and diet. It’s important that you eat high nutritious foods especially if your are doing an exercise program. The reason for this is because you need to replenish the nutrients and energy you lost during exercise. Another reason why you need to eat nutritious foods is because you need to boost your metabolism. In order to do this, you must eat smaller amounts but more regularly. Boosting your metabolism is a huge step to make your body slim.

Wanting to know how to make your body slim? Another way to lose weight and tone up is to drink more water. Water is the key to life; it improves immune function as well as helping to boost your metabolism. As highlighted earlier, eating small amounts of food helps boost your metabolism but so does drinking more water. Essentially, when you boost your metabolism, you are increasing the rate at which you burn fat and burn energy. A low metabolism means you are burning less energy which consequently means you are essentially gaining weight.

Making your body slim requires hard work mentally and physically. You need to look at ways of increasing activity in your life whether it be going to the gym or going for a walk. Sitting at your computer desk constantly eating chocolate will not do you justice. Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine maybe three times a week. A typical routine will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Start off light so maybe some cardiovascular exercises and then perhaps incorporate some weights into your workout to tone up.

Dr. Dov J Berkowitz – Hopefully this article has shown how to make your body slim. You need to revise these points and incorporate them into your lifestyle. Remember, the first most important thing is to remain positive and have a positive attitude and the rest will follow I can assure you.

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Dr. Dov Jay Berkowitz, MD is a doctor primarily located in Kew Gardens, NY, with other offices in Flushing, NY and Bronx, NY( and 4 other locations).

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