Dr. Dov Jay Berkowitz | Easy Steps to an Incredible Immune System

  1. Meditate – less stress will bring out your very best. Meditation is a great prescription for stress. Excessive stress can weaken the immune system hugely. There are numerous studies that show how meditation will boost your immune system.
  2. Keep Good Company – have a support system. A master mind group and loving family members would be ideal. A master mind group consists of people on higher consciousness. They read and consistently feed themselves uplifting and empowering information When your feelings are bad they help make them good again. Be around loving family members that have your best interest in mind.
  3. Laugh – laugh, celebrate, have fun, explore, play with kids and be adventurous. Look at funny movies or your favorites comedians. Read the comics and massage your self in giggles and smiles. Researchers have discovered that laughter increases immunity.
  4. Drink Water – drink at least 6 cups of water a day. In addition rotate between adding lemon drops and a teaspoon of chlorophyll to your water.
  5. Take Astralagus – astralagus is a member of the pea family and is a native of Northern China. It is known as an immune booster, energizer and is use to treat lung issues. The three best ways to take it is in a tea, a soup or extract. There are no known toxic effects associated with astralagus.
  6. Practice Yoga – specifically practice three poses cobra, fish and bridge. You can get a book on yoga or Google the poses and simply emulate what you see for at least 5 minutes a day. Include all three poses which stimulate blood flow to the thymus which is vital in the growth of T-cells, the immune system front line army.

Published by Dr. Dov Jay Berkowitz

Dr. Dov Jay Berkowitz, MD is a doctor primarily located in Kew Gardens, NY, with other offices in Flushing, NY and Bronx, NY( and 4 other locations).

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